Many times during and especially after the entry of a Final Judgment of Divorce one party will disobey an Order of the Court.   Most commonly, this is failure to pay child support or alimony.  Without a doubt, the most effective method of enforcement is to invoke the power of the Court to punish the offending party for contempt of a court order.  Unpaid child support or alimony accrues interest at the judgement rate of 12%.   Enforcement may be by civil or criminal contempt and can involve incarceration of the offending party. 

Enforcing a Final Judgment of Divorce can be as important as the original divorce.  Whether a case is settled or the Final Judgment of Divorce is tried before a Judge, the Court's Orders must be followed and there are serious ramifications in failing to comply. 

We are available to advise you in this area and take the necessary steps to enforce your Final Judgment of Divorce.