Divorce is a part of life in this country. A divorce may be necessary to clear away a problem that blocks you from leading a better life. Divorce is not pleasant.  Some divorces are more unpleasant than others.  There are no winners in a divorce.

Unfortunately, any married man or woman can find themselves in a situation where the other spouse no longer wants to remain married. It can be after a few months or many years. Suddenly you may find yourself facing a division of all you have accumulated over the years. You are faced with emotional issues and business decisions. 

We try to prepare our clients for the trial process by informing our clients of what to expect from our experiences in other cases. We have found that being informed of the Court process, understanding what goals are realistic and developing a strategy to obtain your goals, and determining priorities,  helps our clients avoid some problems and deal better with other problems.

To meet with an attorney for consultation on a Divorce, it is necessary for you to set an appointment  at our office. We do not do initial interviews nor give general advice over the telephone or by email.